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A Black W/hole




A Black W/hole: Phantom Cinemas and the Reimagining of Black Women’s Media Histories addresses the voids in cinema and media scholarship relating to Black women’s creative practices, histories, traditions, and discourses.  Through a series of case studies, A Black W/hole provides histories and reimaginings of Black women’s impact on American cinema.  


For A Black W/hole, Samantha N. Sheppard was named a 2021 Academy Film Scholars by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a grant given to established scholars whose projects are focused on some aspect of filmmaking and the film industry.  

“I am thrilled to receive recognition and support from the Academy for this book project, especially as the growing visibility of Black women in front of and behind the camera provides an occasion, if not the imperative, to examine Black women’s cultural production and impact on the past, present, and future media landscape,” said Sheppard. - Deadline, July 19, 2021

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